Support Arrears

The issue of support arrears is a serious matter. If you are the paying parent (spouse) and have fallen behind in your payments, you can potentially lose your driver’s license and your professional and occupational licenses until you are caught up with support payments. You could lose your right to use your passport as well. Non-payment of support, in accordance with a valid Court order will subject your wages to a wage assignment (garnishment). If you are the receiving parent and your “ex” is behind on child support, you may be unable to take care of your child properly. In either case, you need an attorney to get things back on track.

At our Riverside, California, law office, our attorney helps parents deal with arrearages in child support and alimony cases. Contact him to discuss your situation and learn how he can help. Call the Law Offices of Robert Deller & Associates at (951) 680-9000

How an attorney can help if you have an arrearage in support payments

There is a program that allows parents to eliminate portions of their arrearages if the money is owed to a California county for welfare reimbursement (TANF, formerly AFDC). The program may not apply to all cases. Call our office to find out how this works.

If your income has been reduced recently, causing an arrearage, we may be able to obtain a modification of the support order. Do not let the arrearage get any larger. If nothing else, you will be subject to fines, penalties and interest, which accumulate when payments are not made.

Don’t ignore an arrearage. Contact a lawyer today

Take steps to deal with an arrearage. Otherwise, you could be facing sanctions up to and possibly including jail time. If you are the payee parent, you may be forced to seek public assistance. Don’t let the situation slide. Call the Law Offices of Robert Deller & Associates today at (951) 680-9000.

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