Alimony - Records You Should Keep After Divorce

Posted on in Divorce.
Alimony can be one of the biggest sources of contention for couples pursuing divorce and even after divorce, the disputes can live on. Was the payment on time? Did the payment cover the amount it should have? And, most commonly, were records of the payments kept for taxes purposes?

Whether you're the paying spouse or the recipient, alimony will have an impact on your taxes and failing to keep proper records can damage tax deductibles and taxable incomes. Continue reading

The Effects of Parental Relocation on Child Custody

People move all of the time, and just because someone is divorced or separated, it doesn't mean that they will want to stay put in a specific county or state. Just like everyone else, parents may want to move because of a job opportunity, to care for an aging parent, because of a new relationship, or simply to be closer to family. Continue reading

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