The Effects of Parental Relocation on Child Custody

People move all of the time, and just because someone is divorced or separated, it doesn't mean that they will want to stay put in a specific county or state. Just like everyone else, parents may want to move because of a job opportunity, to care for an aging parent, because of a new relationship, or simply to be closer to family. Continue reading

Legal vs. Physical Custody

When you are splitting with your child's other parent or getting a divorce, probably your biggest concern will revolve around who will get the children. Will your children live with you? Or, will they live with the other parent? You probably already have a good idea of what type of custody arrangement you would like to have, but before you get your hopes up, you will want to understand how child custody works in the state of California. Continue reading

How Do I Enforce My Visitation Rights?

Even when the most carefully drafted parenting plan is created and signed off by the judge, it does not mean that a parent will follow the court order. As a parent, it can be extremely frustrating when your child's other parent comes up with "convenient" excuses as to why you cannot see your child.

While an occasional sick day may be reason to stay with the other parent, sometimes these excuses become more of the norm than the exception. It is not unheard of for a custodial parent to deny the noncustodial parent visitation, or to deliberately interfere with such visitation rights. Continue reading