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The law requires parents to support their children. This is true whether they are married or unmarried.

For 30 years, family law attorney — Robert Deller — has protected men and women with child support concerns. We offer a hands-on approach to help clients clearly understand California’s child support guidelines. Our top priority is to help you develop a long-term agreement in your children’s best interests.

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Child Support Accuracy

California’s family court uses a specific calculation to determine how much child support you should expect to pay or receive based on factors, such as:

  • Monthly daycare costs
  • Health insurance expenses
  • Income level of each party
  • Number of children covered by child support
  • Amount of child support paid to children each month from a prior marriage
  • Amount of time spent with children

As a result, it is important to use accurate numbers. At the Law Offices of Robert Deller & Associates, we make sure income levels and expenses are correctly reported. We use the discovery process to acquire valuable documents and interview witnesses who can testify in regards to each side’s income and earnings. In highly contested divorces, attorney Robert Deller offers a detailed approach making sure hidden assets and earning potential of each spouse are fully accounted.

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Child support orders are subject to change every few years based on adjustments to the cost of living. Either side can also seek to modify child support agreements when significant changes occur in regards to someone’s finances or living situation.

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