District Attorney Actions

What are now called Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) actions used to be District Attorney actions. No matter which term is used, it refers to efforts on the part of the County to enforce the collection of child support payments in your county. The county has an incentive to be aggressive in its collection efforts, as it ultimately receives money from the Federal government based on its success rate. It is particularly vigorous in collecting support when the child is also receiving public assistance of some kind. The DCSS also acts to collect support payments even though the payee is not receiving any form of aid from the government.

Why you need an attorney if the DCSS is seeking to collect from you

Because of these motivations, it is not uncommon for the DCSS to make mistakes. There can be data entry errors or they can attribute collections to the wrong payor. In some rare cases they can even try to collect old child support payments on orders that have expired. In short, if you think that your child support payments have not been credited correctly by DCSS, you may be right. Call Riverside lawyer Robert Deller at (951) 680-9000 to learn how he can help you put things right.

How we help support-paying parents

The county where the child support collection occurred is required to provide an accounting of their actions. Robert Deller files motions so you can obtain that accounting and correct errors. He makes sure that you are not incorrectly overwhelmed with child support payments.

How we help support-receiving parents

In addition, we can undertake enforcement actions on behalf of the receiving parent. We can take action, with your direction, to release the DCSS from their enforcement efforts and then do it for you.

Don’t ignore Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) enforcement actions

If you have received a call or letter from the District Attorney’s office notifying you of an impending collection effort, call a lawyer right away. If you are seeking back child support payments, we can help with this as well. As a law firm representing both sides of collection and enforcement efforts, we have the knowledge and the experience needed to get you the best possible outcome under the circumstances. Call the Law Offices of Robert Deller & Associates today at (951) 680-9000.

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