Helping Clients Expunge Criminal Records

Serving Clients in Riverside, California for 30 Years

We understand you’ve worked hard to achieve your educational and career goals. Don’t let a criminal record take you off track. You may have an opportunity to expunge your criminal record with an experienced lawyer.

At the Law Offices of Robert Deller & Associates, we have deep legal roots representing clients in Riverside, California. Our background includes protecting first-time and repeat offenders. We are prepared to carefully review your criminal record to determine if an expungement is possible.

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Protecting Your Rights

For 30 years, attorney Robert Deller has protected clients wrongfully accused of domestic violence and other crimes. His strong background in criminal defense coupled with his hands-on approach is critical in protecting clients’ rights.

Attorney Deller’s success in expungements stems directly from his detailed focus. He carefully evaluates clients’ criminal record to determine if an expungement is possible, depending on the type of crime committed. If your arrest led to a dismissal, Mr. Deller will likely be able to seal your record. Each case is unique. In some circumstances, we do not have an opportunity to expunge DUI convictions. We will carefully evaluate your situation, while outlining the benefits associated with expungements, such as:

  • Enhanced job opportunities
  • Restored reputation in the community
  • Increased chances of gaining professional license
  • Better opportunities to obtain college grants or scholarships

We are committed to protecting your future. Attorney Deller will make every attempt possible to seal your criminal record.

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