Paternity, Child Support and Visitation

Even if the parties are not married, they still have rights and obligations. However, they can be enforced only when a Court makes a ruling of Paternity, that is, declaring who is the Father of the child. Having the name of the supposed Father on a birth certificate is not sufficient enough to impose obligations of Fatherhood (e.g. payment of support, provide for essentials, visitation, etc.). The Court must issue a ruling as to who is the Father. If there is a denial of paternity the Family Law Court Judge can order a paternity test. In essence, it is a DNA test using either a sample of the parties’ blood or simply taking cells from the inner portion of the mouth with a cotton swab. Although the findings are not necessarily 100% conclusive, and in some cases may be challenged, they nonetheless are highly relied upon by the Courts in the determination of Paternity.

An attorney who can handle the complexities of paternity matters

Although this sounds simple, it is a complicated process. The law changes frequently. It is an emotionally charged matter. Fathers can challenge the results of the DNA test if the findings are less than 99%. These and other issues make some family lawyers decline paternity cases. At the Riverside law office of Robert Deller, we handle all types of paternity matters…with knowledge of the law, the Court system and over twenty-eight years of experience. Contact us at (951) 680-9000 to discuss your situation.

Handling high profile paternity cases for men and women

Robert Deller has handled a number of high profile paternity cases, including those involving sports and entertainment figures. His extensive experience allows him to represent both men and women in paternity cases.

Not all attorneys, even those who accept paternity cases, have the experience and knowledge necessary to represent both sides. Because our lawyer has been involved in such matters for many years and stays current with changes in the law, he is highly experienced and proficient enough to represent you in any type of paternity matter.

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If you are seeking visitation with a child, or wish to have the father make child support payments, you need an attorney who knows the law and how to build strong cases from the results of medical tests. Contact our firm, the Law Offices of Robert Deller & Associates, to discuss your situation.

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